Automotive industry needs smart people, we know where are the best engineers hiding


    At these times is still more mentioned the production instead of services. 

    The industry makes important effects for all areas of national economies only by its production. This happens mostly for services, which are not just arising, but are directly connected. The purpose of industry is also, as it always was and is a motor for innovations.

    The industry has for several years digitizing and becoming more automated, so it is important to adjust. The revolution 4.0 has already began. 

    It affects the interconnection of information technology, various databases with the production process, which will dominate robots. Production will be completely in the concept of just-in-time, which will accurately follow each individual delivery. Therefore companies move from Asia back to Europe many of their manufacture because they need to be flexible and it can be only at small distances. More and more the production will run upon request individual customers. The emphasis will increase on greater precision and quality.

    Quality engineering

    Many companies (in Slovakia also) warn about the lack of qualified personnel. And here comes the problem. They are not able to cover all customer's specification in effective way, they are not flexible for market's changes and development, they decrease their competitiveness. In today's fast times is to have really good and qualified personnel one of the foundations of success. Are you still having trouble to find good and qualified people? We know how you can solve this problem.

    As we mentioned last time, whether people will join our team or not, we create a database. 

    We, in GQ Systems, are specializing in quality jobs in automotive industry. Our database is full of good engineers who are ready for automotive. Who have the right skills and experience and what is also important who want to work and for company's good they spend major efforts.

    We can share the information from our database with HR departments upon request. We can suggest suitable people for open positions to cover the demands of HR of course with the respect to protection of personal data of candidates.

    Another option is to offer you a qualified and smart person as a residential engineer. There is not needed to do any other training, our people are experienced in quality of automotive industry. They have skills, experience, qualification and will to meet your requirements immediately.

    So where are all the good people? They hide in GQ Systems. How do you get the information about suitable people? Just subscribe or start communication with us and you will be informed between the first to your satisfaction.

    Author: Jana Loskotova