Recruiter as part of GQ Systems

Recruiter as part of GQ Systems

Very often I have met with the opinion that the recruiting job is easy. To be honest, very often happens that people who never have been working as quality, recruiting, engineering and etc. specialist, criticize the others job. I guess it is natural behaviour of humans. Anyway, how is to be a recruiter in GQ Systems?

As a recruiter I obviously have to work with people. Many. I look for candidates who will join our team.  In a perfect world, I think everyone wants to work for our company, because it is such an amazing place to work. In reality I realize, however, that not everyone knows about our business and it is my job to track them down and get them into our team. Yes, in these economic times candidates may be more flexible, but we want to work with smart, motivated, talented people. It is not only about skills and experience. Think of all the things you consider when you change a job. Location, specific role, the team, salary, benefits, company history, etc. Each of us puts different weight on every item. This means I have to do many interviews to find the right people who will work within our culture.

I read plenty CVs a day. Ideally, I also would think when candidates read a job description they really read it and pay attention to the minimum qualifications. Therefore, some time I spend in the review of resumes that are either not qualified for the position applied for, but potentially can be qualified for another opportunity.

Whether people will join our team or not, we create a database. As a recruiting specialist in automotive industry for quality jobs I see many talented people who "waste" their time in a current job. And it is pity, because they could be useful in another company. And here comes the idea to share the information from our database with HR departments upon request. We can suggest suitable people for open positions to cover the demands of HR of course with the respect to protection of personal data of candidates. What is needed to get all those information? Just subscribe and you will be informed between the first.

There are many bad and good days in the life of a recruiter, but there is nothing better than the feeling of bringing together a qualified candidate with a great career opportunity.

Start to cooperate with us, whether in the context of cooperation between the two companies or as a quality specialist who will join our team. You will not regret!


Author Jana Loskotova