burn out

The personnel agencies will “burn out” and we know why

To find and to select the best people for the company is still the most important job of HR department.

When the internal sources are not sufficient for recruiting the HR department cooperates with personnel agency. The cooperation is in reality often laborious. Someone has left a company or got an internal promotion.

HR writes a job profile, full with required skills and competencies and move this information to personnel agency. The agency sends plenty invitations for interview in agency, afterwards makes them and sends some good batch of candidates.

The HR waits a couple of weeks once receives first applicants. A long list is made, and five candidates are invited for interviews. After a couple of interview rounds, and maybe some assessment or tests, the final candidate is offered the job.

The chosen one has a notice period of three months, and starts six to nine months after the vacancy appeared. This is a huge waste of time and in today's fast working world where yesterday was already too late will be this way of work more and more unwanted.

More reasons why the personnel agencies will burn out:

  1. The people from agencies are trained to seek people, they have to get the IT, account, sales, engineer personnel. For them is not possible to know all the skills and specifics of each position. In GQ Systems we are fully focused only on automotive and engineering and that's why we know about this brand more than the others.
  2. Big turnover, the people in personnel agencies are changing and they do not have the stabile team.
  3. There are created many portals like LinkedIn etc. where the candidate is easier found than through the personnel agency.
  4. GQ Systems is on the market. :)
  5. We, in GQ Systems have own program for people search.
  6. We (GQ Systems) have professional experience for long time and we cooperate with the biggest players on the market who trust us for many years.
  7. The engineers want to work through our company and this is why we receive tens of CVs every day, we can choose the right person more comfortable unlike the personnel agencies which are stuck with people search.
  8. We are much quicker than personnel agencies. Once they will study what is the position about, what the candidate has to know, we have already three people offered to company as the best solution.
  9. In GQ Systems we always know to discuss about the price.


And due to these reasons is GQ Systems the best option for external engineering.




Author: Jana Loskotova